Double-side Heat Sealable Film

Product Style: HSD11 HSD12 HSD14

Classic thickness: 17μm、20μm、25μm、30μm、35μm、40μm、53μm、60μm、70μm、80μm



Widely used in food & confectionary packaging etc.



Ø  General grade

Ø  Transparent, both side heat sealable

Ø  One side corona treatment, normal sealing temperature

Ø  Low static, excellent flatness, good heat seal strength


Typical Values

PropertiesTest MethodUnitTypical value
Thickness VariationAstm-252-78%±3.0±2.5±2.5±2.5±2.0
Tensile strengthMDAstm D-882Mpa140140140140135
TDAstm D-882Mpa280280280290285
Elongation At BreakMDAstm D-882%175175175175175
TDAstm D-882%6565656565
Friction CoefficientT/T-USAstm D-18940.
T/O-USAstm D-18940.
Heat ShrinkageMDAstm D-1204%44444
TDAstm D-1204%
HazeAstm D-1003%1.51.7222.2
Sealing StrengthKinleadN/15mm33333
Sealing TemperatureKinlead115115115115115
GlossAstm D-24579292928585
Wetting TensionAstm D-2578Dyn3838383838

*The above values of the properties obtained in our laboratory test. These values are for informative purpose and not in guarantee or warranty in any specific condition. Users are advised to conduct their own testing to determine product suitability to use.

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